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Chef’s Exclusive® Black Angus Beef sets the standard for premium beef: superior marbling, rich flavor, and remarkable tenderness. Our gourmet Black Angus beef ensures satisfaction, surpassing expectations time and time again.

Chef's Exclusive® Black Angus cattle are sourced from grain-rich regions and harvested in Texas. The result is consistent, high-quality Angus beef that boasts the exceptional flavor and texture that only Upper 2/3 Choice Black Angus beef can provide.

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Differentiate your selection with premium beef and grow loyalty with the reliable quality and incredible value of Chef’s Exclusive® Black Angus Beef.

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Trust the premium Black Angus beef brand that consistently surpasses expectations with superior flavor and hand-selected cuts. Serve Chef’s Exclusive® Black Angus Beef on your menu to confidently create unforgettable eating experiences, time after time.

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