About our Exceptional Black Angus Beef

Chef’s Exclusive® Black Angus Beef is something to celebrate: the tenderness and juiciness, the robust flavors from perfect marbling, and the impression it makes after just one bite. We proudly offer premium beef that consistently satisfies.

Exceptional beef with superior flavor.


  • The right cattle selection
  • Appropriate environment
  • Selective diet
  • Top-tier processing standards

All Chef’s Exclusive® Black Angus Beef cattle are strategically sourced from grain-rich regions and processed at our state-of-the-art facility in Cactus, Texas. We carefully control every step of the process, strictly adhering to USDA certification standards, and producing the highest quality product.

OUR BEEF Specifications

Chef’s Exclusive®
Marbling Score Modest or Higher
Cattle Breed Black Angus
Maturity Requirement A Maturity, < 30 Months
Ribeye Area Restrictions 10-16 Square Inches
Meat Color Requirement No Dark Cutters
Production Facilities Single Plant
USDA Certified Program G-31

Features and Benefits of our beef

Black Angus

  • Consumers associate the Black Angus breed with a high-quality eating experience
  • Natural marbling that produces robust flavor
  • Chef’s Exclusive® Black Angus Beef cattle are exclusively sourced from grain-rich regions.

Upper 2/3 Choice

  • Of the three USDA Choice marbling classifications, Chef’s Exclusive® only selects from the top two: modest to moderate
  • Consistently delivers an overall positive sensory experience
  • Fine-to-medium marbling requirement provides tender, juicy beef

Ribeye Area Size

  • Reliably uniform portion sizing
  • Consistent plate coverage

USDA Certified

  • Third-party validation ensures consistent adherence to strict product specifications

Single-Plant Processing

  • Our expertly trained workforce adheres to strict standards, delivering consistent quality
  • One state-of-the-art facility delivers day-in, day-out excellence

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